Caro white/ light or carotone
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Thread: Caro white/ light or carotone

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    Caro white/ light or carotone

    I’m planing to use to hq in April for 4-6 months. I don’t know which to choose caro white/light lotion or carotone lotion. Has anyone use carotone lotion. I only just want use hq lotion and mix it with my ga lotion and 2 ka serum. I’m looking for nice beige glow skin tone

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    Shall we do a vote for him guys?

    I vote for Carolight. When it comes to hq I will always choose Carolight.... and the KA mix sounds like a great idea.

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    @tonedpretty have you used carolight before

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    Yes, for 2-3 years, I mixed it with the oil, and intensive tube cream. It lightened me very well and I believe with Kojic acid serums it will yield better results.

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    @tonedpretty woaahh did you use it on your hands and feet

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    I vote carowhite too it was my first cream and it lightened me very well. That cream has been the cream I saw the most difference with. It didn't even give me dark toes or knuckles either, skin light is what did that.

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    @caramelcream yeah I’m planing to use it on my hand and feet aswell . How’s your lightening going , are you still looking for a cream

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    @shawtykid20 I am the same shade I made a big order from mitchell brands and i'm gonna experiment with those. my order comes in today.

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    @caramelcream what goodies did you get from them. Neo clear serum is the best if I could get hand on that serum again I would buy all of them

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    @shawtykid20 I got! :

    • 2 x Precious Brightening Cream 50g
    • 2 x Precious Brightening Gel 30 gm
    • 2 x Carotis Brightening Gel 30g
    • 1 x NeoClear Brightening Serum 30ml
    • 1 x IKB Moisturizing Body Lotion 500ml

    I'm glad I got the serum! I might order another one. How did you use yours?

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