Good lightening Brands easy to get in Europe ?

Thread: Good lightening Brands easy to get in Europe ?

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    Good lightening Brands easy to get in Europe ?

    Buying creams online can be very expensive , espcially when you're living in Europe, most of the time i pay triple the amount of the product for shipping cost , and sometimes i even have customs taxes !...

    Please share any good lightening brand that is "easy" to get in Europe !

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    yes I would also like to know it’s so annoying paying so much for something that others only pay a couple dollars.

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    Same, keeping an eye on this thread

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    What creams are you trying to buy and where are you? Because most African/carribean shops sell all types of lightening creams.As HQ is banned they usually hide creams containing it unless you ask for it.

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    ebay or small high street shop

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