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    So I just went on the Mitchellbrands website and purchased the lemonvate body lotion, serum and gel. I’m so excited I want to mix them all together and apply the mixture on my body. Any reviews on the lemonvate body lotion I’ve seen great reviews on the serum and gel.

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    My package from Mitchellgroup has arrived! I got some lemonvate gel, serum and body lotion. Also picked up some fair & white aha lotion for exfoliating. I will start my journey and keep everyone posted with pictures and feedback. I’m going on vacation soon so I need to look flawless or else I’ll be miserable lol
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    @KellyRowlandd I feel like the lemonvate May actually really work. I feel like it’s going give you a glow up exfoliate well before use so your products don’t go to waste love . And also skinbuild with natural oils if don’t have any than just but sorberlene lotion and mix with some extra virgin olive oil or some natural oil like almond oil , Jojoba oil , or if you have sheabutter even better

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    Go on vacation first, then focus on your journey. It's highly unrealistic that you will accomplish your goals in a short amount of time.

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    I bought it and I'm not too impressed so far. I don't know, maybe the results are subtle but I mixed Lemonvate Vit-C serum and some IKB serum in a bottle of Lemonvate lotion and I don't see much difference in the 2 months I've been using it.

    I bought these directly from the Mitchell Brand website as well.

    Maybe I need to add more to it to boost it but I don't want to irritate my skin. Anyone had recommendations on stronger Mitchell Brand Products?

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