Skin lighter, but not even..

Thread: Skin lighter, but not even..

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    Skin lighter, but not even..

    Hi Y'all! 😃

    So, I've started on the skin lightening journey about a month ago, and have been alternating between two products. Palmer's Skin Success, which has only 2% hydroquinone, but synergistic ingredients, like retinol, and also Nadinola, which seems to only have the hydroquinone, but at 3%! Mostly, I've been using the latter!

    I have no idea if these are the best products, or the fastest, I have heard good things about many other products, such as Fair and White, but not these specifically.

    So, a month later, my skin is a lot lighter, 'though not as light as I would like. It's coming fairly close to matching the rest of my body though, where I am combating sun exposure. One of the issues I was having was freckling though, from alkaline digestion. My skin is a fair amount lighter, but is still not even, and does not quite have 'that glow'. I'm just looking for thoughts on my path so far, I'm only about a month, or a month and-a-half in.

    May I please get any feedback? 😁

    I'm white, by-the-way, with a touch of Latin, and male, if it matters..

    Thank you!

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    Also wondering. Does hydroquinone work better on skin which is more acid, or alkaline? The reason I ask, is because sometimes, I wash with soap, and other times, I wash with vinegar before putting my hydroquinone on. To me, it seems like it works better when I've washed with vinegar, 'though I have no foundation on which to base this.

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