Dodo soap or fair and white aha soap
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Thread: Dodo soap or fair and white aha soap

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    Dodo soap or fair and white aha soap

    Is dodo soap stronger than fair and white aha soap

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    I imagine so, when I was using dodo lotion the dodo soap helped lighten me a lot faster than using dodo lotion with fair and white aha soap

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    Yes it is, I've used it. Be careful it's very strong

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    What colour is the real soap because I have seen two different colours. 1 white and the other blue

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    I’ve never seen any type of blue in or on any of dodo white up products

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    Yeah I’m thinking about adding the soap but I’m in two minds, I’m using dodo lotion and oil with glow and white cream mixed. I don’t want pale tone , I want tone in the middle between pale yellow and high yellow.

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    I don’t know about glow and white but I know for me, using dodo lotion, dodo soap and 15% lactic acid lotion I got very light and pale, in my experience with dodo it works faster alone than mixed but I don’t know how to get around the paleness

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    I was mixing 12% ga in my dodo lotion before put it turned watery but I got results . Glow and white has Kojic acid , arbutin and vit c in it .

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    Really? Interesting, but why don’t you try al of those separately so they’ll be more “concentrated” and see how it works ?

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