I've been looking for methods of testing ingredients in skin care products.

The two easiest lab testing options are for mercury and steroids but I'm having a hard time finding labs that test for hydroquinone.

Sct chemists, is there an at home method to test for hydroquinone? Like "if you mix it with baking soda and it turns yellow than that means it has "X" ingredient" - something like that.

When I was a teenager and put my looks above everything and was brainwashed about a certain standard of beauty I'd put anything on my skin. I used to use products that caused my eyes to yellow, would give me stretch marks, bumps and make my skin bruise.

Now that I'm carrying more about my health and diet, I'd be damned if I'm eating all this healthy food, exercising and drinking all this water only to be putting powerful carcinogenic ingredients on my skin.

I want to use this post as a lab test and diy at home ingredient testing thread. I plan on sending some of my pink lid g&g to a lab to test for steroids (and maybe even mercury) because there's so much conflicting information on whether it's the red or pink lid with harmful ingredients.

Does anyone know of a lab that tests for other possible harmful ingredients in products or that tests for hydroquinone?

Feel free to post links of testing kits or lab websites here.

I don't speak the language in this video but found a video of a woman testing for hydroquinone. It is a bit hard to read the subtitles but if anyone here understands her please do translate: