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Thread: Your favorite perfume

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    Please ladies, have you ever tried Perfumes seem affordable on their website. Any feedback please? Thanks in advance

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    It is a great site that is where I purchase all my perfumes.

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    Im currently using this, oh my world , love it. I bought the set, so sometimes i use use a bit of the cream and I'm good. you will like it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Beginner SCT View Post
    Thanks ladies for joining me to make this thread awesome. Please send notifications to people you know that may like the thread and if you don't mind me asking please post a picture of the perfume so people will know the one you are talking about.
    On my end, I am eyeing this one. I don't know if it smells good but the bottle Attachment 63895

    Thank you all

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightenme View Post
    mine is flower bomb by victor and Ralf it will have men all over you! Never met a man who didn’t like it/didn’t want to tear my clothes off when they smelled it lol! It’s expensive though
    I just checked this on Macys and they have different kind, midnight, bombilicious , so which one exactly do you wear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moon maiden View Post
    Tom Ford black orchid.
    oh Lord have been hearing great things about this perfume like foreever. just checked macys , it is 180 before tax 3.4oz

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    where do you get your oil, they are really raving about it in Nigeria, tried one never liked it. May be it was fake though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hardworkpays View Post
    @BeginnerSct you’ll love the dot drama trust me. I tend to layer it with the body cream to make it last longer.
    You know g n g cream smells like a bleaching cream.
    I also add vanilla fragrance oil to my black soap mixture to mask any natural scents.
    But the real gems are Arabian perfume oils... my favorites are choco musk and soft and you can order them from al
    I have an unhealthy obsession with smelling good.

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    i tried ordering from them once, didnt like all of them, do you think I got a bad set?
    Quote Originally Posted by moon maiden View Post
    It is a great site that is where I purchase all my perfumes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaramelCola View Post
    I'm loving Maison Francis Kurkdjian-Pluriel. Now this is for the grown af bad bisshis 🤑. It’s $$ but worth the price.
    . This is the $225 bottle.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    @oluomo I use the original flower bomb. I also order the vanilla oils from bramble berry.

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