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    Your favorite perfume

    I am back on SCT, and I haven't been on here for a while because school was kicking my butt. As you can notice from the title, the thread is not about usual topics but perfume because for me having a flawless skin is great but smelling good on top of the flawless skin make us more attractive.

    So, Ladies join me so we can share our knowledge on perfume, what is your favorite one? Or what perfume do you currently want to buy? Post picture if possible​, say if it lasts or not and where do you get it at an affordable price.

    Please let us make this a big thread!!!!! Don’t leave me hanging, lol

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    img-703.jpg Citrine by Nest Fragrances, very floral with hints of citrus. Its quite soft and sweet, and it smells expensive which is a must. You can get it at Sephora for like $74

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    I love this thread!!
    I am a perfume lover so I’ve got more than one favourite.

    Chanel - all time classic and my number one fave
    Miss Dior
    Dior- Absolutely blooming
    Black opium
    Poison by Dior
    Si by Giorgio Armani, very inexpensive but smells really good and the lasting power is really strong

    These are all my favourites but I’m always keen to trying more perfume so I’ll be perched in this thread haha

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    I love tommy girl by Tommy Hilfiger at the moment, it is really floral. Quite cheap as well! I love body shop body butters, lotions and Victoria’s Secret body sprays. I layer them for a more sweet but settled scent.
    I love oil perfumes for hair. Usually just a drop rubbed at the base of my scalp in the hair. I wash my hair twice a week and I wear a hijab so this keeps my hair n pillow smelling nice and all (trick I learned from my mom).
    P.s oil based perfumes smell strong so you have to find one that is suitable without it being offensive.

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    Thanks ladies for joining me to make this thread awesome. Please send notifications to people you know that may like the thread and if you don't mind me asking please post a picture of the perfume so people will know the one you are talking about.
    On my end, I am eyeing this one. I don't know if it smells good but the bottle Good Girl.jpg

    Thank you all

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