renewing my previous activity

Thread: renewing my previous activity

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    renewing my previous activity

    Hi, I used to be active on this forum but not of recent years. Is there a way I can locate my previous posts? I have a bottle of Hyaluronic acid 1% liquid (has been refrigerated) and I wondered how much attention I should pay to the expiry date. I also purchased some tiny tubes from skinactives which have no specific name other than red coloured top (booster aid for antioxidant protection), amber coloured top (cucumber fragrance), plus one of peach fragrance and one of floran water. I am unable to read anything else on the packet. They have also been refrigerated. I cannot remember what recipe I was following which used these ingredients. I also have dermatitis on the centre section of my face which was not an issue when I was previously active on the forum. I could not locate information on the skinactives website relating to these tiny tubes. Many thanks.

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    Hello @kerry47 for your previous post/activity, click on your user name, a drop down menu will appear, click on "view forum posts". As for your Skinactives ingredients I would email them, they are really good about replying and would be able to answer any questions and know what batches you previously purchased from them. Use the link below,
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