Im a 25 year old male that has recently started getting facial acne. This has led me to dig into skin care more to resolve my issues, and along the way, I have become very interested with skin-care in general. I am excited to learn more about the skin and how to keep it looking nice and youthful.

My facial acne is hormonal. It is not terrible, one or two big zits will develop, disappear throughout the week, only to be replaced by one or two more. Alongside these one or two large zits I have a bunch of smaller, barely noticeable bumps scattered throughout my face and forehead. My face and forehead are very oily recently and give off a "rough" looking texture (from the smaller bumps scattered through) underneath the oily shine. I have never had acne or pimple issues in my life until recently. I am looking into exfoliating and cleansing to see how much I can effect it. I do not think its drastic enough to warrant accutane or some other hormone modifying treatment. I have never had to look after my skin before until now so I am brand new to all of this.

Anyway, happy to be here and excited to learn, thank you!