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    Quote Originally Posted by lollybabe View Post
    sorry for late reply. Thats it
    nice one. Thanks so much. I’ll try it out

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    For the body which peels can I use to go up for 1-2 shades

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    Also with the ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% is there a downtime using it? Also how many shades will I gain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lollybabe View Post
    why not try fair and white so white gel -
    uk version - has kojic dipalmitate
    using it for elbows and knees with good result. I do not use anywhere else so cant say much about using it on other parts of the body
    @lollybabe how long did it take for you to see results

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    Its slow without exfoliation on knees and elbows , so I had to use 30% ordinary peel - 2-3x a week. I will say started noticing result after 3rd peel, the ordinary peel doesn't actual peel the skin, I feel it soften the area to allow gel to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaterBoy86 View Post
    *My input on the thread title*

    Gittel Skincare Body Gel (Sepiwhite)

    Topiclear Lightening Gel (HQ)

    Lemonvate Mitchell Gel (Vit C and Arbutin )
    How recently have you used Topiclear lightening Gel? I just bought the carrot version. And how fast did it lighten you?

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