How to get golden brown skin?

Thread: How to get golden brown skin?

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    How to get golden brown skin?

    Hi! I used to bleach a few years back and favored more of a pale/yellow look I currently do not bleach anymore and have returned to my original shade which is a deep brown tone, I wanna start lightening again but I don’t want to be pale I want to lighten Atleast 2 shades and have a healthy brown glow instead of a bleached out one, any advice or tips? Thanks

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    Well stay away from kojic acid and steroid products. Those give pale tone. Go for carotene or hq products

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    Vitamin C or niacinamide will give you a nice healthy glow.

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    Is your undertone a cool or warm?

    If it’s warm you may have to use something that will pale your skin out first then switch to HQ to get more of a golden look.

    Me personally, HQ always leaves me looking like an Oompa Loompa so I avoid it.
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