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Thread: Skin light jar cream orange lid

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    I would say mix it with hq cream if it got ka, it could be next ka cream

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    Forgot to quote ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by caramelcream View Post
    I have and I loved it. I'm gonna switch back to it in September. I am using PR and it isn't doing SH*#
    SL is what I used years ago and it lightened me tremendously. It's so thick though.....Have you had issues with applying SL?

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    It's a very nice lotion just use it with the skin light soap u are going to love your skin.have used it before

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    @BlackSamson Does your bottle say Mama Africa on it?
    Face: Kojie San
    Body: G&G lotion, Clinic Clear lotion, Carotone BSC Serum, G&G oil
    Soap: Dead Sea Salt and Clear Essence Aha and Kojie San (Face)

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