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    Quote Originally Posted by whitemermaid View Post
    Glutathione can be done on a budget with a nebulizer.
    Whaaat?! I've never heard of this! Have you done this before?

    There are a couple threads here already with members experiences on Mono and Mequinol you may wanna check out.
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    The original question is very interesting though. When I google pictures of people who either chose to chemically depigment or suffer vitiligo universalis, I notice a difference. Some of them appear to have paper-white skin while others seem to obtain a more natural pink tone. I wonder why this is. It may be the lighting in the photograph or it may be individual differences in the skin. It's hard to tell because I never observed it in person. However, some time ago I saw an albino person of african descent. His skin did not look pale at all, but really looked like a normal caucasian skin. very light of course, but not unnaturally white. I think, maybe some people will maintain an undertone, but this probably cannot be influenced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titi View Post
    When you use mono, your skin oscillates between original color and redness, clear skin and redness, pink skin and redness, white skin and redness. Under the light of day, the skin under monobenzone has a characteristic color, as well as under the neons, the skin under monobenzone has an artificial color. Then good luck for your undertone.
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