Please help me with my hands!

Thread: Please help me with my hands!

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    Please help me with my hands!

    Hey guys, I wanted to sign up for Skincaretalks to see if I can get some help with my hands.

    Back in my high school days (2015) I messed with Dr. Scholl’s and Mosco liquid corn removal. I did this because I was trying to get rid of a corn on my pinky toes. I accidentally got the liquid all over my toes. After a while I noticed peeling and I pulled the dead peeling skin off ( I know I shouldn’t have) but my toes looks lighter. I then attempted to use the liquid corn remover on my hands (again I know it was so dumb but I wasn’t thinking). My hands peeled after a couple days and they looks lighter and I was pulling the dead skin off so no one asked why my hands were peeling.

    The liquid corn remover also got messy and ran down from my pointer finger to my thumb, making the gap from my pointer finger and thumb super dark. My hands looked good for a while until they started getting darker. I kept using the liquid corn remover thinking the more I used it, it would fix its side of effect. My hands were destroyed and so much more darker and intense. All of this happened when I was 17 into 18, and I carried having ugly hands since then (I’m now 22). I’m embarrassed showing my hands or getting food, a drink, or simply doing anything that requires my hands being visible.

    My regime I started back in March 2019 to try and ease how dark it was. I went to an esthetician and I bought a lightening cream (it had 2%Hq) and another cream (forgot the name) to try and combat the darkness. It didn’t work too well to be honest. I stopped going back to her because I didn’t want to keep spending $170 for two creams that didn’t work.

    In June of 2019 I decided to try and lighten my hands naturally. I bought lemon, baking soda, and had Apple Cider Vinegar. I would use sugar and lemon scrub on my hands, it slowly eased the wrinkles. I would also used lemon and baking soda ( or ACV and baking soda) and rub it on my hands. It helps slightly but my hands are still dark and I’m still embarrassed having them out.

    My feet are still kind of dark, but I’m hoping to tackle my hands first than my feet ( since I don’t always have my feet out).

    I wanted to see if anyone could help me out, I’ve seen other dark hand journeys but no one seemed to be clear on the % of peels used (whether TCA or Jessner) and they weren’t clear where they purchased the products from. I wanted to see if anyone is willing to help me 😞 I’m tired of how ugly, discolored, and wrinkly my hands are.

    P.S: I hope I can receive some good and helpful feedback and not any judgy comments. I understand what I’ve done and how I’ve ruined my hands. I’ve stayed away from any chemicals since and have been naturally trying to fix my hands.

    Also please ignore my left thumb nail, I slammed it in a car door two months ago so the nail is still growing back.

    Thanks everyone!

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    No judgy comments here, but I'd definitely make sure to put sunscreen on my hands and use gloves when driving to compliment any regime if I was you. And occlude at night, you def' need an extreme regime

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    Kindly use cold pressed coconut oil morning and night ,that shouldn't stop you from using your daily cream

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