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    Rash on arms/hands

    Hello. Im 19 years old, and I'm having some issues with my eczema.

    On my arms and hands, I have some very dry spots which I constantly itch. When I start itching, I can't stop. But I know the answer fixing that; simply don't itch it. But as I'm sure a lot of you know; it's not that easy. It seems like I've tried everything to get rid of it: Aquaphor, all types of lotions (Jergens, Lubriderm, Nivia, Nivea, and I'm sure some more), I've also had some prescription items like Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment. I have also tried many anti-itch items: powders, and cortisone cream. But yet, I still have it. My dermatologist said that It may improve with my Accutane, but after a month of taking it, I have yet to see any improvement.

    I would love a direction of where to go; on how to improve this issue. What I can do/take/use to help (by help I mean minimize the rash, or what would be better, to stop the itching).

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    There are some people who have had improvement with allergy testing and changed their diet somewhat if they're sensitive to some foods.

    I've also heard that lessening some carbs or yeasty foods is helpful.

    I have eczema but very mild in spots, my experience is limited, but I do notice it's worse with stress, dry weather and some products. Definitely not as good when my sweet intake is higher (although that does coincide with stress..lol).

    Have you had a complete physical done by your GP, with blood testing of your liver enzymes? Maybe something else is going on in your body that's not noticed.

    Also have your vitamin D checked. Most of us are low in it.

    I'm curious if you're M or F and if it runs in your family. Do you have asthma or do others in your family have it? Do you have any other health issues?

    I'd probably stay away from the oral systemic meds and try to make changes in other ways...

    One lotion that seems to have helped me is Lubriderm Intense Dry Skin Relief for itchy skin. There is no fragrance at all either, but it seems harder to find. I got mine at Super Store.

    I hope you can find relief...


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    I am a male, and it does run in my family. My dad has it also.

    Neither me or my family has any health issues, with the exception of my dad; who has celiac disease.

    Thanks for the info

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    i'm very sorry... i have eczema too. sometimes i'm not really comfortable with my skin. AND IT SUCKS!!!! i'm like 15 and i'm wondering when will this end... I had this since 7.. i have rashes on my arms, legs, neck.....

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    I second the suggestion for allergy testing, and make sure they include methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone and benzisothiazolinone in the test. What do you do for work? It might be something you're exposed to frequently.

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