Fair and White Original Glutathion
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Thread: Fair and White Original Glutathion

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    Fair and White Original Glutathion

    This is the one sold in the EU one with diacetyl boldine active in the lotion and kojic acid in serum
    So no HQ
    I have been using for 3 weeks, and loving the result
    Anyone using this for longer


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    Just about to buy it. Are you getting lighter with it?

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    Yes noticed lightening, but also my tummy has been a difficult area after 2 babies it's been pretty dark until now. I am noticing that my skin over is looking more uniform. The lighter area is lighter, but the darker area is lightening more. I read diacetyl boldine encourages even tone, so may be thats why.

    serum has - glutathione, kojic acid, vitamin c
    maxi tone lotion - glutathione, vitamin c and diacetyl boldine

    I am using the maxi tone with serum. I bought 4 serum for the 350ml.

    Prior to this was using francoise bedon - supreme and royal, although the supreme was more effective for me than royal, due to price I could only use 2 serums per bottle of the francoise bedon, but to be honest the result was not as good as this one, but noticed lightening.

    I used QEI prior to francoise bedon, with QEI did not see much result. I always buy from official website as the shipping from paris to Ireland is not too bad.

    I tried hq briefly for 1 month i hated result, before I went to non-hq lighteners, i think my skin likes kojic acid.

    This fair and white is cheaper than QEI and Francoise bedon, but the result is better, I feel due to price I can afford more serum for better result. I am sticking to this long term I think. I also started the exfoliating soap yesterday evening, although still plan on using my 15% glycolic wash twice a week.

    I am also using so white serum and so white gel for elbows and knees ( serum contains kojic acid, gel contains kojic dipalmitate) with good result, in conjunction with the ordinary peel 30%. I bought the so white when I was in the uk, but this is not available on paris website not sure why.

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    I just got my Lissa White and kenacol for my butt(the only part of my body that is naturally dark) and spent 20 million dollars on it bc favbeauty in UK jacked the price up but now I'm scared to use it bc....wtf is actually in it.
    So thanks to you I'm broke as a joke bc I just ordered this, thank you for the ingredient info!

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    I heard really good reviews about this. Sadly its sold out most places. I definitely want to try it. Some people are mixing fair n white gel tube but I think that has 1.9% hq with it and I dont want to use hq but I have like 15 ikb gels I'm trying to get rid of and wondering would it idea to mix with this lotion
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    I really want to try this product, please more reviews on it!! I am currently using Francoise bedon but seems I have reached a plateau

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    How many shades has it lightened the person who gave the review?

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    I want to know what the difference between the regular lotion and maxi tone one... But from the reviews I seen they say you can easily go up 4 shades you just have to use more serums and mix correctly part it in 4 sections. So don't mix one bottle and one serum.
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    I love F&W products.
    I’ll buy it and use it on autumn next year. BTW, I live Australia and we’re in spring now lol

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