South Africans skin lightening

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    South Africans skin lightening

    Hi fellow south Africans! Just a quick one, are you guys formulating your own diys and where are you purchasing skin lightening products from? I'm looking to purchase glycolic acid, lactic acid and kojic acid in the raw form because I want to customize my own mixture. Any ideas? I purchased alpha arbutin from an authorized seller on alibaba(from china), but I've seen no results whatsoever and alpha arbutin is supposedly more potent than hydroquinone. I've used hydroquinone previously and had excellent results, then I took a break and decided to switch to the alpha arbutin... Because I saw no results, in fact I went back to my original shade, I doubt that what I purchased was the real deal. Thanks 😘

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    Hi, I’m in SA let me subscribe to this. I’ve reached my goal but need natural ways to maintain.

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