Unfortunately darken from holiday new regimen indeed

Thread: Unfortunately darken from holiday new regimen indeed

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    Unfortunately darken from holiday new regimen indeed

    So my current tone is this 5E48B80D-C4A8-4794-AE13-8518E4D7E0C2.jpg
    i want to be this tone this tone
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    I’m going to start off with 6 weeks exfoliation again
    3 times a week on my face I will be using bha 2% Paula choice resist
    3 times a week on my body I will be using diy 15 % ga lotion
    5 times a week on knuckles , elbow, knees and toes I will be using 15% ga lotion.
    i will be washing with mama Africa clairmen glycolic acid shower gel 3 times a week with exfoliating gloves.
    After 6 weeks I need good lightening products that I can get in the UK. I don’t want to use hq

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    They look around the same tone to me just in different lighting. I'm using Carotone BSC right now with G&G and loving it. Not sure if they are available in the UK though. I live in US

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    @lighterdaze no probably 2 shades different. Are you using that for body and face
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    For my body I mix Carotone BSC (the cream, serum and "lotion") with G&G cream and G&G serum. For face, I do weekly la peels, use kojic acid soap and G&G cream diluted with grapeseed oil. I feel like the mixture I use for my body is too strong for my face. But everyone is different so maybe you could use it on yours.

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    @lighterdaze Carotone bsc has hq in it, I don’t want to use hq, I’m planing to use doctor clear lotion alone for my face then for body doctor clear lotion ,oil and mama Africa oil mixed. The mix contains Kojic acid , abrutin, aha and vitamin c

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    The skin tones look pretty similar to me. Sorry about redarkening; I have to keep reapplying sunscreen or else I will tan easily and quickly when I travel.

    What was your starting shade if you don’t mind me asking?

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    @PinotNoir i was in between them two tones, I was reapplying sunscreen but not every 2 hours . I was loosing track of time but hopefully I will loose shade by November

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