PLEASE HELP! I Had a Sleep Study and Tape was Put on My Face While Using Retin-A!

Thread: PLEASE HELP! I Had a Sleep Study and Tape was Put on My Face While Using Retin-A!

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    Unhappy PLEASE HELP! I Had a Sleep Study and Tape was Put on My Face While Using Retin-A!

    As anyone who uses Retin-A knows, it makes your skin extremely sensitive. I just got home from having a sleep study. I did not know what to expect, but I certainly did not expect to have an alcohol wipe cleanse my face prior to sticking heavy-duty TAPE on my face. I didn't truly feel the burn until this morning once the tape was removed by the technician. I went to the bathroom to look in the mirror because my face felt like it was on fire. To my surprise, my skin was tore and almost bloody-like on the areas where there was tape. It hurts, it's extremely sensitive and I'm not quite sure how to treat it.

    - How do I treat my skin?
    - How do I prevent scarring, hyperpigmentation and other such damage?
    - What should my skin care routine look like for the next several days?
    - How long should I avoid the Retin-A?

    This morning, I'm just going to cleanse my skin with water and apply a soothing cream for sensitive skin on my face.

    Please advise! Thank you!!


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    Upon arriving home and having a total freak out moment and doing research about how to fix this, I decided it was best to contact my dermatologist to see if I could get in with him quick. They squeezed me in this morning and he thinks that these are minor skin abrasions and will heal with time. I was advised to stop the Retin-A for about a week or more while things get better. I was also advised to stop my normal skin care and just do very basic care for the time being.

    Basic as in, gently cleansing and applying Vaseline to the minor skin abrasions and applying a nourishing moisturizer to the rest of my face while avoiding the areas that were damaged.

    My skin abrasions are much like that of having your brows waxed while using Retin-A without taking a break a week before. However, the difference in my abrasions is that they are more deep. I don't want any scarring or hyperpigmentation so I will be wearing lots of extra sunscreen and staying indoors as much as possible until this all heals up.

    My face looks pretty bad and it's super depressing, especially considering the work and care I put into it.

    I hope that telling my story can help someone else.


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