Why are my threads always being deleted?

Thread: Why are my threads always being deleted?

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    Why are my threads always being deleted?

    Every time I post a thread it gets deleted, why is that? My first thread, I posted links on products, but those were common websites, and I wanted to post them so, someone could tell me if they were credible to buy from or not. My 2nd thread, I am not sure if saying religious based is bad, but I doubt it is. I didn't cuss, I wasn't disrespectful, I didn't post anything promoting my "product." I won't make anymore threads, but it would be nice to know why, and get a notification as to why it was removed

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    It could be its being held in moderation, and not actually deleted.
    Could be deleted because spam was detected.
    Links wouldn't necessarily cause a thread to be deleted......unless spam was detected.

    Our system is very sensitive to spam, for good reasons.

    If it was a meaningful legit question and or thread, that isn't already on the forum, it would not be deleted.
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    Okay thanks for letting me know

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