Kenacol and Schenic oil?

Thread: Kenacol and Schenic oil?

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    Kenacol and Schenic oil?

    I just recently decided to actively start lightening as I lost hope in the past when nothing was working on my body and just focused on my knuckles. Now knuckles are good now and I will like to lighten my body by two shades atleast until it’s somewhat uniform especially my bum.

    I’ve heard about kenacol, schenic oil, Mimi white and miracle and I am considering buying them and mixing them with olive oil only and using it as my daily body cream instead of lotion. The reason for this is I have dry skin that isn’t moisturizer by anything these days.

    Has anyone had any bad results with kenacol and schenic and Mimi white? Please let me know.
    Also, where can I get all these in Canada? I live in ottawa so not many choices?

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    You'll get the classic damages of steroïds. It will be only a question of time.

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