Name your kojic products

Thread: Name your kojic products

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    Name your kojic products

    I need new and healthier products. List your faves ❤️

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    One of my fav KA products is from Sesderma, Kojicol Plus serum.
    -Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us-

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    Quote Originally Posted by gymrat View Post
    One of my fav KA products is from Sesderma, Kojicol Plus serum.
    What would you say Sesderma has done for you? Did you go down in shades, did you even out?

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    I’m about to purchase this Beshiny kojic soap. Haven’t tried it yet, but ingredients look pretty good. Going to give it a whirl. Before then I’ve been using Santeva products.

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    Kojisan is my go to, always. I was thinking of buying the actual powder and mixing it into my lotion, but I don't know enough about the most efficient mode of usage to understand how to use it effectively.

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