Guys I need help!

Thread: Guys I need help!

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    Guys I need help!

    No one understands me but maybe you will. I’m getting depressed because I’m hating my skin right now. I used to be a bit fair but the sun damaged my skin so much! I’m so dark now with blemishes and acne on my face. I don’t find myself pretty anymore. I really want to have this light glowing skin y’all have but I don’t know what to do, where to start. Please please help me!!!

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    @Ella0718 dont worrY.. you may be depressed and im so sorry for that.. but the issue ur havin is a small issue.. meaning its easy to fix..

    first of all, if ur naturally fair and the sun darkens u.. u will be back at ur time soon .. cuz its winter season now..

    use fw aha soap and its aha lotion at night.. u can mix it with a favourite lightening serum of ur choice (put 2 serums inside of one brand only)

    and during the day if u wont go out anymore you use clear essence medicated cleansing bar..

    also what is very importent during exfoliation phase the skin is very sensetive, therefore use a good sunscreen when the sun shines.. for example burnout with zinc.. its a good one..

    u will see in no time ur skin will recover.. and u will be even lighter then before..
    in two weeks with the above mentioned product u will see a change for sure..

    if u got any question tag my name so i wont miss any of ur questions..

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