Help plz, maxi peel and caro white destroyed my face

Thread: Help plz, maxi peel and caro white destroyed my face

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    Exclamation Help plz, maxi peel and caro white destroyed my face

    I Was using FW and kojic for a couple months but no result, last week i switched to caro white lotion, oil, soap and maxi peel. My skin started to peel but not on the side of my face and in uneven patches. Its been 10 days and my face is very bright reddish and yellow and so uneven, it looks like Im sick. I want to go back to how I was ASAP, Please help on what to do

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    i can post pictures if necessary but the front of my face lightened really unevenly but not my side burn area at all, please help

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    If its only been 10 days your skin isn't finished healing. Things will blend and even out, you have to be patient. Keep neosporin or any antibacterial ointment on the areas that have peeled. And stop using whatever products you were using.
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    will my orange colour go away? I just wanna darken to how I was before, my face is really bright orange and patchy

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    Gel and serum suggestions

    I used a FW mix and KA soap for about 5 months with little result (maybe 1.5 shades), switched to caro white which made my face really pale and orange in under 2 weeks. I want to be 1-2 shades lighter in a month on my body.

    Still have the big bottle of FW and looking to try mix it with a gel and serum. Considering IKB Gel, anyone have suggestions for gels and serums (preferably from amazon or ebay), thanks

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    Any update on your skin did it darken back?

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    @VonnieJo yes it did end up evening out but I was really white and bleached out. It did darken some after 2 months with no use and staying out in the sun and stuff but I still have the really yellow look, 2 months later and Im still much lighter than before I used it.

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