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    Drop your Skin Routine Here !

    So I’m looking for a new skin care routine because I recently stopped using your neoprosone +caro white and I want to find something that doesn’t have hydroquinone. I will he using hq on and off for two weeks. I started using the ordinary skin care products and this works for skin building but it’s not really fading dark marks like I want it to. I’m thinking about making my own cream. Please drop your current skin care routine here I feel like this will be helpful for newbies and older users.

    Here is my shade at its lightest from using neoprosone then switching to caro white i used it for the whole summer
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    @Meermeer Wow nice tone
    what was your starting shade.

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    Let them talk

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    neoprosone cream or gel .. which neoprosone brand ? @Meermeer

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawtykid20 View Post
    @Meermeer Wow nice tone
    what was your starting shade.
    I was like nc45
    Quote Originally Posted by Susu1 View Post
    neoprosone cream or gel .. which neoprosone brand ? @Meermeer
    Neoprosone cream.

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    Now im using ikb gel with ponds clearing cream. 5 days a week and then the i use the ordinary products on weekends

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    I’m not sure what your goals are but my goals are to maintain a clear, healthy, even complexion and brighten some areas of my body.

    1) wash face with water (no face wash)

    2) apply glycolic acid toner

    3) apply The Ordinary’s niacinamide 10% (this brightens my skin, makes pores pretty much invisible, evens out skin tone and all the other good stuff)

    4) I then follow up with sunscreen (Jack Black’s oil free sunscreen with SPF 45)


    1) shower with kojie san soap (once a week I’ll use a Korean Italy Towel to remove all the dead skin)

    2) wash my face using Uriage cleansing cream

    3) after stepping out the shower, I’ve started applying lightening glycerine on my knees, elbows, buttocks and my neck (just to keep the areas nice, bright and even).

    4) i’ll use my glycolic acid toner again

    5) apply The Ordinary’s niacinamide 10% serum

    6) apply The Ordinary’s caffeine eye gel

    7) previously I was applying IKB gel mixed with CeraVe’s SA smoothing cream but then I realised that I don’t want to be using lightening creams on my face.

    I now use the CeraVe SA smoothing cream on its own without mixing it with anything and my skin looks amazing. It is poreless, spotless and even. I find that the less products you apply on your skin, the better.

    8) lightening glycerine on my hands before bed to keep them moisturised and to brighten them.

    Once a week, I will use The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution. (Usually on Saturday)

    I sometimes use a turmeric face mask I picked up from my local Indian store. It’s cheap and it works amazingly.
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    Oh and for an amazing natural lightening cream, I recommend Radiant Glow’s Botanical Brightening Body Lotion!

    It does not contain any chemicals like HQ. Steroids or any other nasty stuff. It contains AHA, vitamin c, mulberry, bear berry and a few other things)

    I used it last year and it got me a whole shade lighter in a month (which I realised was my actual skin colour), evened out my skin tone, got rid of my permatan and made it look amazing. I stopped using it back in Feb. I don’t use it anymore as it does lighten you. My goal is to maintain an even complexion and I can achieve this with kojie san and regular body lotion.

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    @Ethereal95 I have seen the Radiant Glow’s Botanical Brightening Body Lotion in the beauty shop but didn’t think it’s effective. What kind of tone did it give you . Pale or yellow pale

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    @shawtykid20 really? I used to buy mine online! Which store did you see it in? And it took a month and I used it alongside kojie san soap. it really exfoliated and lightened me to a pale yellowish colour. My original tone is NC35 which goes up to NC40 in the summer if I don’t wear sunscreen. This cream easily brought me to NC25 in a month. My mum is the lightest in our family and I became lighter than her. She knew something was up and was giving me weird looks LOL!
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