Maxi white serum help!!!

Thread: Maxi white serum help!!!

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    Maxi white serum help!!!

    Hello guys,

    My sister sent me Maxi White serum from Nigeria. It says "hydroxyphenol" on the bottle. I've been using it for a week now and no effect. I'm wondering if it's fake. I've read that it makes people peel and it's very effective. Do I have to wait longer to see effect? I use it with Fair and White exclusive whitenizer. Any way to know original Maxi White serum?

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    Hydroxyphenol is another name for hydroquinone. I can assure you there's probably no 'fake' maxi white serum inNigeria I always see it in all the shops.
    Unless you were wanting the one with kojic Acid that's the type sold in the U.K. We don't get that down here. So just chill for a bit I think it would work. You do know you have to use 1 maxiwhite to 250ml of your lotion yh?

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    Thank you for the reply. It’s been over 2 weeks now and still no change. I only use it on my face. I take some fair white and mix a few drops of Maxi white on my palms and use it on my face. Maybe I’m using it the wrong way? Or Maybe Fair & white is the wrong cream to mix it with?

    I recently got the Extreme white serum and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

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