TCA question (deep peel?)

Thread: TCA question (deep peel?)

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    TCA question (deep peel?)

    Hey yall,
    I've bought 100%TCA and want to TCA my arms, i used a caro white mix with clear clinic oil (for about a month) on them but have stopped when I realised how potent it is, even though I havent really seen results. I dont want my arms to get super light out of nowhere, like my face from caro + maxipeel(see pic).
    I want my arms to properly exfoliate before I use anything else but since I already used the caro mix, I have concerns;

    As I said, I dont want my arms to peel alot lighter (or deeper?) but I feel a TCA is necessary as my arms are extremely stubborn and havent changed (peeled) regardless of what I've tried and Ive been trying things for like 8 months now.

    So my question is;
    1. Will using a higher percentage (maybe 25%) of TCA cause deeper peeling and as a result make me more light due to the caro mix I already used, that would surface. (Kind of like the photo where the parts that peel are super light)
    2. Would using a lower percentage (maybe 15%) cause a lighter peel (what I want), allowing me to exfoliate and get gradually lighter.

    Sorry if the question sounds dumb, just dont want to have another really bad experience
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    I recommend you read some of the threads in the chemical peel forum lots of great information you can learn from there!
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