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    I ordered mines from wish actually because certain ones u can be allergic too. I tried one at Walmart n broke out in hives... yeah it will speed up your results and even you out faster itll make the rest of your skin lift n peel.

    I feel like when I wear my suna suit I lighten way more fast it's just annoying to wear. I sleep in mines when I feel like it. Wake up gross jump straight in the shower
    Let them talk

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    I have the same problem. I’m currently working on it. What has been helping me so far is washing my face with extremely cold water and skin building with shea butter and vitamin e oil. And also try not to use harsh lightening products in the morning, only at night. Apply Aloe Vera gel in the morning if you can.

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    Keke is that you in your Avi? You are beautiful and your glow is my goal lol. What do you use on your skin?

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    Hey caramelgirl
    Unfortunately this is not me on the picture
    It’s a random girl I found on google. She used to be my goal. Now I’m around her skin tone, even a bit lighter I would say.

    I use a G&G mix. I mix the cream, the oil, IKB gel and Piment doux together. I have been getting really lazy these days, but I’ll start a new regime soon. What about you?

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    The redness is GONE! My poor skin was irritated because I was using retin a and lemonvate every night. I got a lower percentage of retin a and only use fair and white so white gel. If you are also having problems with redness I suggest looking at the products you are using. Some products are just too strong for some of us. Anyways wishing everyone a safe lightening journey.

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