Experience or knowledge about glutathione and darkening?How long after using hydroqui

Thread: Experience or knowledge about glutathione and darkening?How long after using hydroqui

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    Experience or knowledge about glutathione and darkening?How long after using hydroqui

    How long after using hydroquinone can you take glutathione without redarkening effects?

    I'm using hydroquinone to get rid of some acne scars. I then am planning to use glutathione internally (suppositories and nebulizer) with radiant glow botanical (which to my knowledge is hydroquinone free) and exfoliation after 2 weeks. Is that sufficient

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    No one is responding. But I'm going to turn this into a thread of my journey. I have only been using admire my skin for a week. I exfoliated with koji San for the first time since I started using it. And my armpits which were once black and looked burnt are almost my birth colour with the exception of a few patches. Excuse my hair I wont shave or anything while doing this as the skin is sensitive during the process. I've also only been using natural deodorants only for the past year which only helped the texture was burnt looking until I did this.
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    Also this is my neck relative to my hand before and after. I'm pleased not sure if I should continue maybe another week of admire my skin on my scars, hyperpigmented neck and armpits and then I will stop for a week and start with glutathione.
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    My 2020 journey

    I cannot tell if there is a difference in my scars unfortunately . I have to use flash in all pictures as room lighting is very dim I cant even do my makeup in it.

    I've been very precise with applying only to scars. It's a lot more time consuming part of me wants to slather it all on but I know its time consuming and counter productive.

    The scars on my shoulders I believe have faded quite a bit but I dont have before photos tho. Some scars have completely peeled off which is pretty cool.
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    My 2020 skin lightening journey

    I have had these very dark scars around my ankles which stand out as my feet have always been my pale birth colour. Had the scars since I could remember so this will be the ultimate test of admire my skins power. My mum said I got them when I was in NCI as I had neonatal problems idk. But anyway admire my skin has turned it slightly darker and it looks more wrinkled but it feels a lot softer and is no longer hard tuff skin.
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    My 2020 skin journey

    Lmao it's just me on here I hope all this helps someone other than me keeping track to discipline myself. I normally try a product and if I dont look like Rihanna after 20 minutes I give up. But 2020 I'm trying to roll differently

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    MY 2020 skin journey

    So here's the front of my neck relative to my ear (lightest part of me) and face. After a week. Also I'm having a mini break out as I didnt work out eat healthy or do anything to my skin during the holidays. Note I wont be using admire my skin on my face I think it's too strong and I have facial regime that already works very well which I'm going to continue (AM: cream cleanser, glycolic acid, vitamin c and niacin am ide syrum then sunscreen in the morning, PM retinol)
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    Hi dear so sorry, wish I had an answer for ur question hopefully someone will chime in. Have you checked out the glutathione threads we have? There’s several maybe your question has been answered there

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