Lightning products for olive skin? Please help 🙂

Thread: Lightning products for olive skin? Please help 🙂

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    Lightning products for olive skin? Please help 🙂

    Hi guys. I’m Middle Eastern and was born with a fair skin tone. Now my skin in my exposed areas is similar to the one I circled in the picture. I’m planning on using a 65% lactic acid peel from makeup artists choice once a week for 6 weeks. What other products should I use? Any creams, serums, gels? What works best? I want to lighten my entire body not just face.

    I’ve read so many posts and learned about Dodo, G&G, IKB and so many other brands I’ve never heard of before. But I’m hoping you guys help me decide what works best between all these products and specially for Middle Eastern skin like the one in the picture.

    Thank you so much 🙂
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    Does G&G with pink lid contain HQ or steroids? I mainly want to use it on my hands and lower arms because they’re the darkest parts of me specially due to daily sun exposure over the years.

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