Fair and White Glutathione Maxi Tone Terrible Reaction!

Thread: Fair and White Glutathione Maxi Tone Terrible Reaction!

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    Fair and White Glutathione Maxi Tone Terrible Reaction!

    So I have been using Purec Egyptian Lotion
    for a month which has been working well for me, unfortunately my supplier ran out and I was forced to buy fair and white glutathione including 2 serums and fair and white so carrot oil. I divided the lotion into two and added the serum + oil into one mix, i left the other half unmixed. I have been using it for 4 days, the 2nd day I broke out in hives. I thought it was something i ate, 3rd day i broke out again so i thought it might be the carrot oil because it has almond oil in it. Day 4 i applied the unmixed lotion and again i broke out, this time it was worse. I felt nauseous, dizzy, my face swell up, developed pain in my ears and had a horrible sharp pain in my left wrist. I took another shower and decided to apply coconut oil cause it's the only thing i have in my house to help me relieve myself. I also took an antihistamine, I am so disappointed in the glutathione range, i am starting to wonder what the difference is between L-Glutathione and Glutathione? The egyptian lotion i have been using has L-glutathione which has been working great for me where as the FW has Glutathione.

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    Awww I'm sorry you had to go through that...I wonder what was in that bottle that affected your health. How is the purec Egyptian lotion going what tone and how many shades so far?

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    Are you using the Europe or American version? Check the ingredients list and see if it “contains Formaldehyde”. If it does, then that’s the demon right there.

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