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Thread: Suggestions to even out dark skin body? (pics included)

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    I’d suggest cutting out anything HQ and tough sponges for a bit. Stick to a balance of physical exfoliation, nourishing and chemical exfoliation. Our bodies are perceived to be tougher but they need tender care too.
    try beauty formulas glycolic cleanser for face on your body daily after your first wash with soap. Then you can add beauty formulas salicylic acid deep action face scrub to your body routine. It has micro beads. Moisture and creamy cleansers help skin a lot. Kojic acid works really well for evening skin.

    in my experience salicylic acid for body works well for evening and softening skin. Plus beauty formulas products are cheap(quite affordable). For my body I use one bottle of Glycolic cleanser and the scrub. Game changer. It lasts two weeks. Got “better” results with it than my KIT( which I still use once a week).

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ksparevc View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by jcole View Post
    Guy!!!Patchy skin.You need to start supplements.A few of them that would help your skin are:
    Vitamin C (500mg twice a day is fine)
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin A
    @jcole my Vit C, NAC, Alpha Lipoic and MSM came in today, hope it helps
    Wonderful! Look up what time of the day each one school be taken and don't forget that some are water-soluble(Taken on an empty stomach,) and Others,Fat soluble(Taken with Fatty food)
    Start up with Low doses of MSM before you "graduate" to Higher doses.
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