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Thread: Exxtra PALE LIGHT SKIN!! (Pics included)

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    you have the skin tone i'm looking for.. what! her skin tone might be filter to be honest. but then try this renew glutathione skin whitener soap.. for the pale look.. try the stronger whitening serums.. it should work.. please give me indept details of your skin care produts maybe it will work for me... i'm currently about to try maxi white s1 strong body lotion, serum, gel and soap

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    @caramelgodess could you please post pictures of the serums. I got more than one image for bio eclat, dunno which is which.

    20200314_043454.png Screenshot_20200314-043310.png Screenshot_20200314-043254.pngScreenshot_20200314-043234.png

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    your skin is my goals! you mentioned not knowing if the white express was natural or not so if it contains harsh chemicals like steroids for example, can the retin a stop skin issues from steroids? because honestly im considering steroids
    Quote Originally Posted by caramelgodess View Post
    hey boo @Skncare
    thank you. So my regime consists;

    Lightening mix:
    fair and white so white pink lotion +
    60ml anew serum(KA +vitC) +
    half white Express serum + 2
    maxi white serum (hq version) +
    3 Carotein toning gels +
    half tube retin A 0.05% +
    1tspn bio Eclat serum +
    fair and white brightening oil +
    about 10ml vitamin E oil.

    The white Express serum I don't know of how natural it is. Being as the same company produces steroid tubes. So that's why I use the retin a cream.

    Bio Eclat is acid based lactic glycolic and fruit acids I think.

    For soaps;
    asantee Goat milk and tamarind used during the day

    mixed soap(used at night);
    extract papaya soap mixed with honey, aloevera gel, coconut oil, vitamin C, mulberry, bearberry, Arbutin.
    Has a somewhat creamy consistency when made.

    Vitamin C
    Neocell super Collagen
    omega 3-6-9
    Vitamin E

    *will be looking into adding in Gluta supplements once I'm done with my current batch.

    So what I do is I use the lightening mix twice daily for about a month. That gets me light. Then I stop and use it only at night until mix is finished, this is usually about 6wks.

    then during the day I use jergens age defying lotion. Then layer an oil mix over it. On my face I use just aloevera gel from the plant.

    The oil mix;
    bio oil
    coconut oil
    olive oil
    vitamin e oil
    turmeric essential oil.

    Lol. Super long regimen i know phew! But it works and ends up being both nourishing as well as lightening. Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Porridge View Post
    your skin is my goals! you mentioned not knowing if the white express was natural or not so if it contains harsh chemicals like steroids for example, can the retin a stop skin issues from steroids? because honestly im considering steroids
    Using roids Is totally up to ur skin. Use at your own risk. Some use roids for a long time without issues, some used for a little time with mega issue. I don't think retA nor skin building oils can stop u from the side effects of roids, if u are bound to get them. Keep in mind the effect is not only superficial, it's also systemic.

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    For those using So White, have you noticed that it stops working after a while? I feel like mine stopped working after about 2 weeks. Really strange.
    I just started mixing it with Carrot Glow face cream. I know we’re all skeptical about the Glow products. Anyway, I’ll update my progress in the coming weeks
    Holy Mary mother of Hydroquinone, help us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caramelgodess View Post
    Yes I think so! It might even get you lighter just depends on the products you used before @jcole.
    Ive used maxiwhite/ amiwhite serums in my mixes for a long time now and it's never failed me.

    which do you think works better carowhite or carotein ?

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    What helped you guys lightened up your body(chest,arms,thighs...etc) I see progress daily with my face but not so much with my body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pengcaramelglo View Post
    You were already light to begin with right?

    What is your opinion on lemonvate lotion or brand in general is effect or slow ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackboy View Post
    Is anyone else struggling with impatience when it comes to lightening? I've never used any product until the end of it. I always dump it at some point when I feel it's not working and buy another one. My shelf is filled with different creams and serums that I've barely used and I keep buying more. That impatience is draining my money. Who else can relate? I need rehab
    OMG I can totally relate because I do the same thing such a coincidence I was talking to my sister about it earlier than I come and see this post ahahaha. But I promised myself from now on by fire by force I will use a product for a minimum of 1months-2months before giving up I think you should do the same. Because it doesn’t make sense to keep buying and chucking out and saying that the product is not good unless it’s skin damaging. But sometimes our skin takes more time to adjust some people may take 2weeks and Baaam I feel like I have one of those stubborn skins that take about 1month or so that’s what I’m gonna try. Before buying you products why don’t check on the products you got check reviews and try them again this time longer and see how it works and be more consistent. I’m as bad as you my friend but we need to stop this habit in buying new lotions everyday I’m tired of spraying money like a ATM

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    Quote Originally Posted by gymrat View Post
    Ok.......I'm holding you to this, and will be watching to see if your product jumpin.....stay off the wagon for awhile. Stick to what you have for 3 months, mark your calendar so you know and are aware.....write down when you've reached 3 months consistently with F&W, it will give you an ending date and something to look forward too! Take a picture now, and 3 months from now, look back at it, once you get to the 3 month mark. If you see noticeable changes stick with it, if not, move on.

    Think of it like a relationship.......start from the beginning phase, then after awhile you sit back and ask yourself if your happy with where your at....if you are you stick with it, if your not, you move on. Skincare is no different. You have to find that product and routine that makes you happy!!
    So 3months should be the stage of wether or not if a product is good ? What about 1-2months is it too short ?

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