Hi everyone! I recently got a facial at this random indian beauty/eyebrow parlor (I got it on groupon for real cheap). She exfoliated and extracted my face and at the end, right when I was about to leave, she asked me if I wanted moisturizer, I said yes, and she put it on for me. It seemed a bit thick, like she really had to massage my face to get it in. When I got outside, I stood directly into the natural light and took out my phone to look at my face. It was basically completely matte, oil controlled and it looked moisturized. But the thing I liked the most was the shimmer and glow the product had in the light, it refracted all the natural light shining in my face and you could literally see no blemishes. I called later to ask the woman about it and she told me she couldn't tell me the product name due to "company policy". Do you guys know of any products with these qualities? I really want to buy some for occasional usage, I'm sure it would clog pores over time. Please let me know!