Lightening products for people in Germany/Europe

Thread: Lightening products for people in Germany/Europe

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    Lightening products for people in Germany/Europe

    Hey guys, I have some lightening products to sell. Some I bought but never used and some I used once and decided not to continue because they were too strong or I didn't like the smell.

    1. Clinic clear body lotion 500ml (used once on my face, it lightened me so much and I never used it again) expires 2021.

    2. Carowhite jar 500ml (hydroquinone). (Used on my face for one week, I couldn't stand the smell and it lightened me fast, I stopped it) expires 2021.

    3. Caro bright serum (5% kojic acid and vitamin C). the best serum I ever used, works better than Maxi white serum, makes skin glow, high yellow complexion, and gives a matte finish. I'm selling it because my skin responds better to hydroquinone than kojic acid. Kojic acid is harsh for my skin. Expires 2021.

    4. Fair and White exclusive serum (kojic acid). I'm not a fan of kojic acid, so I never used it. Expires 2021

    5. Fair and White exclusive shower gel 1000ml. Used it once but decided to stick to regular antibacterial soap instead.

    6. Maxi white serum (hydroquinone) the hydroquinone in it is too much. Used it twice and it darkened my knuckles, so I dumped it. Expires 2021

    7. Carotein Intensive toning gel-cream 50g. (Used it once, it exfoliated my face so much that I almost had sun burn. It contains Salicylic acid, I prefer glycolic acid. Expires 2021

    8. Razac hand and body lotion. (One of the best moisturizing lotion, perfect for those who lighten their skin. It makes your skin glow and fresh and smells great). The perfume in the lotion is too much and it turns me off. All my colleagues always know when I'm around. Expires 2021

    9. Fair and white exclusive body lotion. I mixed 2 bottles of F&W vitamin C serum in it. It made my skin peel like onion. Ain't nobody got time for that. Be aware that it is mixed with vitamin C serum.

    10. Clinic clear oil. (Works great but I don't want to use African made products). Expires 2023.

    11. Fair and white exclusive "Vitamin C" serum. I don't know why I bought it. Perhaps my addiction. Still full bottle. Expires 2021

    12. Whey gold protein shake. (This has nothing do with lightening but it's good for those who exercise and want to lose weight. Very good. If you lighten and lose weight, you look balanced and people won't look at you sideways. It's really big and can last 3 months. I used it once but it turns out I'm lactose intolerant (which means I can't take any dairy products). Pls not recommended for those who are lactose intolerant. You can read more about it on Google).

    All of these products are original. I'm trying to control my addiction with buying new products and just stick to one product.

    Pls note: This is for people in Germany, because it's easier to ship. I cannot ship hydroquinone products outside Germany it will be seized. Non hydroquinone products can be shipped but only within Europe.
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    Hope you were able to maintain results after these products?

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    I did not have to maintain. I didn't use most of them more than once or twice before moving on to something else. Now I finally found something that works for me without making me paranoid. Which is F&W lotion (blue bottle with HQ) and Extreme glow serum.

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