Recommended cream for dark spots all over my body

Thread: Recommended cream for dark spots all over my body

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    Recommended cream for dark spots all over my body

    Hi all. Please I need you to recommend a good cream with no hydroquinone and steroids that can help me clear all the dark spots on my skin especially my back ,arms and legs. I have tried all sorts like honey, shea butter and black soap which has made me darker. So I need a good cream that can bring back my fair skin and clear my spots . Thanks in advance

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    You should try something with AHA in it. It will help exfoliate the skin and get rid of the top layers that are holding the pigment give your skin the spotted appearance. Also staying out of the sun and using sunscreen is important when you use AHA's. You could possibly try a glycolic acid peel with the at home kits. They're designed for your face, so I'm sure that if you use it on thicker skin like elbows, knees, legs etc, you won't see any bad issues with it as an at home treatment as long as you pick a modest strength percentage and then progressively build up.

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    Thank you Freddy.

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    i agree, aha really helps with dark spots. i like using aha body wash

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