Does anyone else do this "reset" cleansing like I do?

Thread: Does anyone else do this "reset" cleansing like I do?

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    Does anyone else do this "reset" cleansing like I do?

    As a 35 year old man, I love the types of soaps that make you feel really clean, like "Irish Spring" in good old fashioned green bar format. I prefer this to soaps like Dove, or body washes that I feel are too delicate to really give you a good cleaning.

    Anynow, I find myself using "Irish Spring" on my face a good once or two a week with my 'soap body puff" thing on my face, then continue with my regular regimen in the shower with my other facial products. Obviously, I wouldn't recommend doing this daily, but does anyone else take a day a week or whatever to do a "reset" cleansing that's a bit harsher than usually but typically yields great results?

    I find that during the showers where I do use Irish Spring and I do exfoliate along with the rest of my regimen, my skin is noticeably lighter and cleaner looking than with just my facial products. Anyone else do similar?

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    Well.......I do love the smell of Irish Spring, always have, but have to admit I have never used it on my face. Body yes, but face noooooo. I too like a good soap with a good lather, like you, and something that makes you feel clean as a whistle. I use a waffle weaved cloth a few times a week along with my cleanser to get that super good cleaning. I can't use my cloth every night but I do shoot for 3-4 times a week. I feel it helps a ton, not only to cleanse but helps exfoliate as well.

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