Do certain anti-aging products age skin faster?

Thread: Do certain anti-aging products age skin faster?

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    Do certain anti-aging products age skin faster?

    For example, I am currently using a sample of the skinceuticals A.G.E. interruptter. It is marketed as a product for mature skin. Is this good for someone who is 31 and without major lines or sagging to be using?

    I will expand - if someone who is considered too young to be using a particular anti-aging product, will using the product cause/encourage aging? I have heard a friend say that some anti-aging products have this effect when you stop using them, so as to create dependency.
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    No not at all, using them sooner rather then later is a positive thing. Its called preventative!

    You will be doing your skin a favor adding anti aging products to your routine......sunscreen being #1, this will help you more then anything else, the sun is what ages the skin, so apply a good sunscreen, always!
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    Thank you for the response. I am very obsessive about sun protection!

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