white patch from retin A! please help

Thread: white patch from retin A! please help

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    Exclamation white patch from retin A! please help

    I Was trying to fix dark under eye with RA .1% and now I have a white patch under my left eye that really stands out. I dont want to get any lighter so I havent been using any lightening products on my face in months. I dont think just leaving it will make it go away as I have white marks on my nose that also wont go away from months

    Please suggest how I can make that area dark or even again. ( I cant cover it with makeup as im a guy)
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    @2ksparevc i dont see a white patch... pls take another pic where the white patch becomes more visible..

    also discontinniue the usage of retin a of course moiusturize with shea butter and maybe a oil like almond oil or argan oil... do not use anything harsh on that area like harsh soap or lotions etc. it may irritate the white patch even more... use light soaps like dove etc.. it will clear in no time...

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