Is this routine too much?

Thread: Is this routine too much?

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    Is this routine too much?

    Is this routine too much for hands/arms/feet and face/neck?

    12 PM:
    Vitamin C E Ferulic serum
    DIY kojic acid lotion with Alpha Arbutin

    Shower with Koji San
    Tretinoin (Retin A)
    HQ %4

    Cerave cream all over

    Throughout the day: moisturize when I can

    I work from home so my schedule is a bit odd. This is my current routine. I have everything except kojic acid lotion, should I add it or would it be too much?
    Should I change the times I apply?

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    12pm - 6pm is just a 6 hour difference. You won’t lighten any faster than a normal morning and evening routine. It’s like pouring an entire bottle of lotion on your body at once, hoping it would lighten you faster than a pea-size.
    Kojie San and Tretinoin is an overkill. You’d be over-exfoliating your skin. That could lead to hyperpigmentation “aka” you’ll get darker.
    Holy Mary mother of Hydroquinone, help us.

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    @Blackboy ok then I should stop Koji san and use a regular body wash.

    Do you think 12 pm and 9PM would work better? And should I add the kojic acid lotion or not?

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    There’s no timeline for lightening your skin. You know what time you shower everyday. That’s not something anyone should dictate for you. Just use your regimen Morning and night on clean skin.
    Your post says you already use a DIY Kojic acid lotion, what other kojic lotion are you asking about? And your HQ 4% is what? Lotion, serum, oil, what is it?
    Holy Mary mother of Hydroquinone, help us.

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    @Blackboy no I’m using everything except the kojic acid lotion. I’m thinking of adding it. - 3% DIY lotion.

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