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    Quote Originally Posted by mccartney View Post
    racism is everywhere.. germany is fiineeeee actuallY... and australia ? Lol u guys r leavin summer and entering winter right ?
    We thank god , Australia is like all seasons in one day so I don’t classify summer as summer because summer can be 10months in the whole year our weather is bipolar. But overall Australia is a great country.

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    Hello, how old are you? In which state?

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    Everytime I see this title it gives me anxiety and makes me depressed too. Hoping you feel better in time 💕

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    If you’d like please post some pictures I’m going to beauty school/medical I may be able to help. How are you getting money I think with more money may help. As shallow as it sounds.

    I bet your pretty.. !

    If you’re not comfortable here are some suggestions:
    Waist trainer
    SkinPeelShop Miracle Peel
    Glycolic Body wash
    Kojic/Arbutin Lotion (mix Mitchell serums with gg cream)
    Nails / Brows / Lashes / Hairstylist when you can afford
    Possibly weed or medication

    Flight attendant (not now but it may take your mind off things)
    Technical School esp health or business (not always cheap but payment plans available) US Career Institute is online
    Webcamming (malicious I know)

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    SCT Elite mccartney's Avatar
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    @pengcaramelglo sooo whats ur regimen now? What did u end up usin??

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    @saraik these are some very helpful points indeed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kikibella88 View Post
    @saraik these are some very helpful points indeed!
    thanks i hope im not being insensitive!

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    vitamins also really help balance things believe it or not.

    not only can you get through this you can have a lot of your desires <3

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    Hey @mccartney I tried to message you but your inbox is full.

    @pengcaramelglo please don't be so hard on your self, everything you mentioned can be fixed. I'm in pretty much the same boat as you, suicide should never be an option. I would also encourage you to pray like others have suggested.

    DM if you like, I would like to try and help you.
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    Heeeeeeeeeeey &brown2light my dear ... yea ive messaged u, i thought u were inactive cuz u havent replied yet.. yep let me delet some messages so u can dm me i hope all is well

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