How we can help our loved ones at this time with our Knowledge

Thread: How we can help our loved ones at this time with our Knowledge

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    How we can help our loved ones at this time with our Knowledge

    Hello Everyone

    As we all know Corona can be life threatening , We are all aware that Vitamin C is brilliant for immunity, having a good immunity is vital for survival.
    I have read today that china is using Vitamin IV to treat patients with Corona . We can also use this method to bolster the immunity of young and old.
    Liposomal Vitamin C is almost as bioavailable as IV . Most of us are aware that we can make very high quality at home , a couple of spoons a should be of great benefit.

    The above are links that can show you step by step how to make it . I have made it for my 70 year old mother , she has been taking it for 2 weeks .She has been on very high pain killers for severe Sciatica, since taking the liposomal Vitamin c she has cut down her painkillers from 3 a day to 1 a day and it his improving her immunity greatly.

    I hope this helps

    Kind regards to everyone and stay safe.

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    Thank you for this!

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    Bump! Thanks!

    Zinc is good too <3 also turmeric

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    [QUOTE=saraik;1676745]Bump! Thanks!

    Zinc is good too <3 also turmeric[/QUOTe

    Yes you are right i ground some zinc tablets and put that in with the vitamin c

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    Vitamin C is the biggest immune booster of all. Foods rich in Vit C include oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, strawberries, bell peppers, spinach, kale and broccoli.
    Vitamin B6 is also important, B6 rich foods chicken and cold water fish, salmon and tuna. B6 is also in green veggies and hummus. And Vit E is another I would bump up, foods rich in Vit E nuts, seeds and spinach.

    Anyone who is elder needs to listen to the specific guidelines for your area. Each state and country is affected differently. There is plenty info on the net in regards to this.

    Its also important to get out and get some exercise, walking is perfect for the elder. Take a stroll to ease your mind while keeping your distance. Get plenty of rest, lessen your stress, and HAVE FAITH, its all going to pass and we will all get through it!
    -Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us-

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