Kojic acid lotion giving me “beauty marks”?

Thread: Kojic acid lotion giving me “beauty marks”?

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    Kojic acid lotion giving me “beauty marks”?

    After literally one application of DIY Kojic acid lotion (with alpha arbutin and niacinamide) I got around 5 faint brownish beauty marks around my mouth/chin area. It looks ugly and I’m kinda worried they won’t fade with time. I showered with Koji san and put on the lotion and didn’t look in the mirror for the next couple of hours until my sister told me what is that around your mouth your lotion must be bad for your skin. My arms and hands are fine and didn’t get any marks.

    I also noticed getting beauty marks on my right arm after getting lactic acid peels. I have many small ones now.

    Does my body not react well to acids? Did anyone get beauty marks from kojic acid lotion? How do help them fade?

    I think I should stop using it on my face and just use it on my arms, hands, and neck but I’m worried my face will be darker.

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    Btw the ones on my face do look like beauty marks they’re just faint and brownish, while the ones on my arm after the lactic acid peel are completely black. I think the ones on my face might darken and turn black after some time. I’m middle eastern btw.

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    I have notice the same using my diy KA, AA and niacinamide.....i was wondering why i hv alot of beauty spot 🤣...im following this Post to see if we can get help.

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