Skin on face and chin

Thread: Skin on face and chin

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    Hi all, I was very lucky to grow up with great skin but around 5 years ago (I'm 37) I have become self-conscious of my skin which is affecting my self-confidence. In particular weird small bumps (not painful, no "head") under my chin
    Any advice as to what it may be / what I could do gratefully recieved.
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    @Cath82 try a mild facewash and buy cetaphil cleanser.. and see how it goes.. use ss when steping out the house, the sun might worsen it.. and choose ur moisturizer wisley, maybe @gymrat can help in which lightener to invest..

    also i wouldent use even the mildest face scrub.. wait till the bumbs r completley gone.. then u can use it to maintain the healthy lookin skin..

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    I would look for a cleanser with 2% Salicylic Acid its great for acne prone and will help heal quickly. The other thing is invest in Mandalic Acid, use it weekly.
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