Why do you think some people are so negative towards "Lightening"

Thread: Why do you think some people are so negative towards "Lightening"

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    Why do you think some people are so negative towards "Lightening"

    I mean we all have different goals some of us are trying to make our skin look better and healthier. Meanwhile when people see what we're trying to do even though we're not hurting anybody and just trying to better ourselves. We get comments like "Why are you bleaching your skin?!?!" "Stop bleaching your skin!!" "Why do you hate yourself so much?" It's like their so quick to judge it's as if lightening is just as bad as doing drugs to some people.

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    @yogobro298 they r just jalouse... especially if u look great!!! Many ppl do want to lighten, but they r scared of some ppls reaction.. trust me i know manY... they lowkey tryna find out what u use !!

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    They feel personally attacked by your choice. They think you are conforming to a beauty standard this rejecting their features and leaving them to uplift their features alone.

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