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    Complexion Not Consistent

    Does anyone else feel like their complexion is not consistent? I know everyone tans and complexions vary depending on lighting but does anyone feel like their variance is stark? Sometimes I feel like the below:

    In the same day with no significant sun exposure. What causes this? Is it real or delusion?

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    Yes me lol.... but by now i know, lighteroxia plays a big part.. skin that has lightend can appear dull, dark, extra light depends on the lightening... ur seein urself everyday... and u focus everyday on ur skincolor etc.. so ur eyes got already imun to urself.. u will always see urself as dark... when sun shines, we appear to be more glowly...

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    I hate that. I would like a consistent glow. It's like the lower layers of the skin have a darker tone and prohibit the glow that naturally light skin has. Because the parts of my body that I do not use lighteners on (because they are naturally light) glow more.

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