Great skin in Pictures, Terrible in person!?

Thread: Great skin in Pictures, Terrible in person!?

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    Great skin in Pictures, Terrible in person!?

    Hi Guys Im new here.

    Just about to start using some products to lighten my skin 1 or 2 shades. (Im brown-caramel, but have some sun damage)
    I have to ask because I'm afraid of getting that strange-looking light skin that looks thin or unhealthy in person. Some of these girls look amazing on social media but when in person, not so good.

    How do you avoid that? Or is it unavoidable?

    Thanks! xx

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    I'm going to share a few tips that's worked for me.
    Exfoliation is the bedrock of skin lightening never skip that, skin build with butters and oils, get a sunscreen to protect your skin from uv exposure,supplements are also essential.

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