Looking for advice on my skin (huge pores)

Thread: Looking for advice on my skin (huge pores)

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    Looking for advice on my skin (huge pores)

    I have very oily skin. I washed my face with bars of soap for years and my skin has never improved. This is the condition. I'm 25.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvLulu View Post
    Unfortunately most bar soap can be very stripping of the skins natural oils. Which may sound good for oily skin, but in fact it's the opposite! It causes the skin to go into overdrive and produce excess oil.. Look for a more natural face wash or bar soap formulated WITHOUT sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), alcohol, perfume and lots of syntheitc ingredients. Garnier Organics and Yes to Carrots are avaiable in most drug stores. Also, choose toners and moisturizers that have 'balancing' ingredients. They are often labeled on the packaging, these are good for oily skin.
    Hey, thanks for the reply 🙂 I'll take that into account!

    I've since stopped and just use water and a face cloth in the mornings and my pores still seem huge. Is there any way to combat that (like in my photos)

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    Hi !

    I think doing green clay mask once a week can help with large pores.

    For a cleanser I would suggest you to get a charcoal cleanser like Bioré Deep Pore Cleanser available on Amazon.

    Don’t forget to hydrate your skin ! 😉

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    Exfoliate your face atleast twice a week . And used a glycolic acid toner . It helped shrink my pores

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