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    Morrocan skin lightening secret

    Today I heard about something called Blue Morrocan Nila. It’s a well known lightening product in Morocco and all of the Arab world. It’s basically a powder and there are different things you can mix it with like yogurt, baking soda or glycerin, some people use it as a 30 mins mask, others sleep with it and wash it in the morning, but that process is a bit tedious. Some claim that if you do that for 3 weeks every night it will significantly lighten your skin and remove all tan, if you have any. A few of my online friends just recommended it to me and said it’s done amazing things to them. I’m Arab myself so I don’t know how I’ve never heard of it before. But I’m hoping someone can tell me what is in Nila that lightens? I really would love to know. We became so science-oriented that now I’m like the rest of you doubt such products or recipes. But a lot of people swear by it.

    Side note: Moroccans are known for their natural skin care products and Morrocan Baths are well known in all of the Arab world. They’re very exfoliating baths that have specific steps and usually another lady scrubs your body for you. In Morocco a lot of ladies have this have these baths once a week as they’re very cheap, in other Arab countries they kind of cost more, and while I think in they exist in western countries they’re probably more expansive than they should be. So you can buy morrocan soap and loofah online and do it yourself.

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    It is a traditional product of little importance in the context of skin lightening (today there are a lot of products intended for skin lightening). It has a slight exfoliating effect and since, after its use, a little blue remains encrusted in the skin, it gives the impression of lightening the skin. By looking at the face of the old desert women who use it regularly, you can draw your own conclusion.
    It is a product intended to tint fabrics, leather or earths.

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    Wow thats interesting...

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